New Dog

Congrats on your new dog!  It will save you time and money if you start off on the right paw! Choose one of our Better or Best Dog Training Programs for new dogs to your home or for your new puppy.  With having a new dog to your home, there is no telling what kind of behaviors could pop up in the future.  Ensure a lifelong wonderful relationship with your dog by signing up for the Best Dog Training Program.  Dogs give us all of their love, attention, and they are the only thing that greets us at the door with their butt wiggling every day!  Has your significant other ever done that?

Give them the chance to thrive in a healthy and loving home by giving them the Best Program.  They deserve the best…simply put.  We help you get the dog of your dreams.  Warning: people who have been awesome pet parents and got the Best Dog Program have reported that:

“When you go to someone else’s house to visit and they have a new puppy, you are instantly reminded how awesome dog training has made your life”.

Not everyone will sign up for dog training, don’t be “those” people.  You know what I am talking about, the ones that let their dog scrape their toe nails down your leg, or the ones that “I like my couch with holes in it”.  We will be there to guide you through this transition.  Show them love by giving them the chance to really succeed at your home with In-Home Dog Training! Sign Up Now to schedule your first lesson this week!


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