Dog Training

If this dog does this one more time…

You name it, we have probably heard it. You may ask why can’t he/she understand what I want him to do?  Why does he keep running away from me and darting out the door? Why does he insist on finding my best pairs of shoes to chew, I got him toys!  Why does he poop and pee in the house when we JUST came back in from outside?! There are probably more questions like this running through your mind…the important thing is Really Good Pets can give you solutions to help. The longer you wait on calling or scheduling training, the longer you and the dog will become frustrated.  Millions of dogs are returned to pounds and rescue groups each year due to lack of training because the dog is doing something that the pet parent doesn’t want. The answer to help preventing this is right here…Dog Training! We can help you get solutions; we are professionals and have helped lots of people just like you! There really is no excuse for not calling us and making your life easier. The more you put off dog training, the longer that behavior or disobedience is being reinforced to your dog.  Frustration from your dog is one of the most stressful things to go through. You love them with all your heart but if they would just do “X” then it would be great! Well that is what we are good at! We help you get your dog to behave in a polite manner all with positive reinforcement techniques. As hard as it is to believe, a harmonious life with your dog is possible! Call or schedule a class online now to get guidance and help, the solution is out there and we can find it. 405-353-0015

What exactly am I getting with a class in-home?

We cover all of the obedience commands such as Sit, Stay, Recall (coming when called), Stand, Down, Staying at a Distance, Staying with Distractions, Walking on Loose Leash, and much more. In addition we will listen to you and what is most important to you and add that to the curriculum. We are here to give you solutions not just teach you a bunch of tricks (although we can do that too)! We have helped people with issues such as Potty Training, Crate Training, Digging, Biting, Nipping, and Barking to name a few. View Prices and Training Dates to register for your class today! If you still have questions, please feel free to email [email protected] or Call (405) 353-0015.

Does my dog really need training?

Yes, dog training stimulates brain development and gets their mind off of chewing your shoes or barking at the neighbors all night! A tired and trained dog is a well behaved dog!  See how you can have a better dog with our Better or Best Dog Training Programs!

Don’t have time for a group class?

That’s ok, we come to you! We offer FULL training courses (5 classes at 1 hour each) at your home! No need to go anywhere to get the solution that you need!  Choose a program and get started as early as this week!

Where do we train dogs?

We provide dog training in Norman, OK. We also provide dog training in Moore, OK, Midwest City, Oklahoma City or OKC greater metro, Del City, Bethany, Noble, and surrounding areas at NO additional charge. We cover additional cities and communities for a minimal fee, contact us today to find out if you are included in our service area!

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