Therapy Dog Training

So you want to become a Therapy Dog team…now what?

Becoming a therapy dog team is a great goal to have. Keep in mind that while not every dog has the temperament for the job, it is beneficial to accomplish that level of training for every kind of dog.

When you do a Basic course with Really Good Pets, indicate to your trainer that you are interested in becoming a therapy dog team. This will ensure that the trainer will be aware to be evaluating the dog on their temperament and if you and the dog will be a good fit for therapy work. If the trainer agrees, then we will discuss with you the training plan. If you are considering this goal, we suggest The Best Dog Training Program, as that is the cheapest way to get the whole training experience.

You and your trainer may repeat and do as many of the courses until you are both comfortable that you will pass the AKC CGC test. This is one of the many reasons why people usually do the Best Dog Training Program so they have plenty of hours one-on-one time to accomplish all goals.  Once you pass the AKC CGC test, you will be referred to a Therapy Dog association. There you will perform a small temperament test to better determine what venue is right for you. You typically have yearly dues that cover your insurance, a vest, and ID cards. Then you can start working with children, senior citizens, and everyone in between. Being a Therapy Dog team is an experience that cannot be described with words. Thank you for considering this goal because the journey will be well worth it.  Click here to message us to get started.