The Better Dog Training Program

This program is for 10 weeks of in-home classes and is eligible for a 2 month payment plan.  This is perfect for those people who know they got a serious case on their hands and are going to need help.  You want a better behaved dog that you can be proud of and not worry about.  We can help you with that!  We specialize in getting you relief from problems such as biting, growling, jumping, potty training, walking on a loose leash, and more!

Automatically included are all basic commands, all issues are addressed that you are having, and FREE Unlimited Phone Support for the life of your dog should anything else come up in the future.  This program includes two 5-week long In-Home Classes.  Each in-home class has 5 one hour lessons that are done weekly. When you sign up you will have the option to do 5 weeks then take a break or continue to go straight through your 10 weeks.  This program is the most popular as people find that 5 weeks is great for starting out, but 10 weeks helps to solidify the new good behaviors and guarantee lifelong results.  Message us here to get started!

The fine print, you must schedule your in-home classes within 4 months of your purchase.  At the trainers discretion, a travel fee may be charged.