The Best Dog Training Program

Is this the right program for you?

In short, yes.  If you have landed on this page, you are the type of person that wants the best kind of dog you can have.  It is attainable for any age, breed, or personality of dog!  Specifically, this program is often used for people who are having aggression and behavior issues.  If your dog is now being a bit forceful with other dogs, humans, and children…this is the program for you!  If you can’t walk your dog without them ripping your arm out of socket or worse… they start choking?  This is the program for you.  We focus on all aspects of what an awesome dog looks like in your eyes.  Be prepared to give us a laundry list of things you want your dog to do and behaviors you don’t want.   We get you results that will last a lifetime and you will be proud to leave your dog alone at home or even take them in public!  Take a look at this short video featuring one of our Best Dog Program clients below!  Remember when this dog started…he couldn’t stop from jumping on people at the instant he made eye contact.  You can hardly recognize it’s the same dog!  Click here to get your dog to be the very BEST dog!

If you are looking for Therapy or Advanced dog nose work, this is the program for you as well!  We will guide you through the AKC CGC which is included in this program to get you on your way to your goals.  Want your dog to earn YOU money?  Start with our nose scent work.  Want your dog to be tax deductible?  We can see if therapy dog work is right for you!

The Best Dog Training Program

This program is our famous Best Dog Training Program.  Dogs change over time and family dynamics change as well.  New baby, divorce, marriage, addition of a new puppy, etc.  That’s why this package is so popular.  We will be at your beck and call to help you through no matter what the changes are that life gives you!

Now for the details:

  • Sessions are scheduled in 1 hour lengths.  This program is 36 Hours of In-Your-Home dog training.
  • Automatically included is our Free Unlimited Phone Support AND Group Classes for the lifetime of your dog should anything come up in the future!
  • Also included are all Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced commands.  We also will address all of the issues that you are having for lifelong solutions!
  • All in-home dog training sessions are scheduled via our client online portal.
  • After we have helped you fix the immediate problems, you will be responsible for requesting an appointment to use up any remaining hours.
  • For logistics and for the mental health of your dog, we do not come out multiple times in a week.  The dog typically hasn’t had enough time to fully master the new behaviors if we come out more often than once a week.
  • The persons name on the credit card will be the “owner” of the program.
  • This program is non-refundable and is limited to persons living in or around the following areas: Norman, Noble, Oklahoma City, Moore, and Del City.  Don’t see your city here? We probably still offer it to you if you live in the OKC Metro, we just didn’t list every possible neighborhood or small city.  Call us, if you want to find out if we cover your area.
  • In the event you move from the OKC greater metro area, this package is non-refundable.
  • Click Here to Sign Up for The BEST Dog Training Program!