How to Sign Up for In-Home or Group Dog Training

So you have decided to have us help you with your furry family member.  Congrats!!!  Your joining over a hundred people in Norman – Oklahoma City area who have had our help!  Welcome to the family!  We have outlined below what happens next after you have made the decision to use the best In-Home and Group Dog Training company in Oklahoma.

  1. Click Here to Book Online and Pay
  2. Once your payment details are completed you will be directed to our exclusive client portal.  You will click Sign Up and provide us with your details and the specifics about your dog!
  3. Select your in-home class time and date.  We will confirm the appointment and show up with smiles on our faces!
  4. That’s it!  Relax…relief and help is on the way!  Prepare yourself for a much better behaved dog!

When we show up, the money stuff will be done so your dog trainer will have the full hour to focus on you, your dog, and issues that you are having.  Please have issues or questions written down so you don’t forget them.  We are your open book…no question is stupid.  Please have treats that your dog likes and flat buckle collar or a Freedom Harness and Leash.  If your dog gets full easily, you might think about having your dog skip breakfast.  For diabetic dogs, please do not change any feeding routine and inform us of specific feeding regulations.  If your dog is allergic to an ingredient for treats, please let us know in the client portal.

Congrats on getting started on a better life with your dog.  You have picked the most caring and loving dog trainers around and we will guide you and your family to a life filled with happiness with your dog.  Thank you!

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