Is Your Dog Getting the Right Treats?

You love your dogs, and they love their treats, but how do you know you’re really giving them something that’s as good for them as it is fun to eat?

Checking ingredients is certainly one way to identify nutritious morsels for man’s best friend. When it comes to nutrition and natural ingredients, the saying “less is more” may be the key to selecting treats that are tasty while promoting good health.

What Makes a Treat Healthy?

Just like you, your dog needs a balanced diet with a close watch on excess calorie intake. When you purchase food items for your family, healthy ingredients are a major concern. As an important member of your family, selecting your dog’s treats should bear the same scrutiny.

Would you select food for yourself labeled as containing meat byproducts and fillers? That seems pretty unlikely. Treats that contain such ingredients should be quickly eliminated from consideration for your dog as well, to keep him trim and healthy.

Premium dog treats are now created for your dog by companies with a focus on fewer, high-quality ingredients, with no fillers or yucky, unhealthy byproducts. You pay a little more for such quality and attention to nutrition, but your dog deserves a little pampering and healthier choices.

Helping You Find the Right Treats

It’s not difficult to locate healthy treats for your dog, with online sources such as Really Good Pets Shop providing a wide variety of premium treats for every purpose:

  • Doggie Chicken Chips – Can you imagine an all-natural low-calorie treat made with one single nutritious ingredient for yourself? Your doggie can enjoy single ingredient dog treats made of USDA Grade A chicken. You may need to lock these up to keep them from disappearing. Doggie Chicken Chips are easily broken up for smaller pooches or for training use, and are packaged and sourced in America.
  • Happy Teeth – Keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy is important to overall health. A Happy Teeth made by Himalayan Dog Chew is the answer for long-lasting, good tasting chews for your dog. These not only help keep teeth clean through chewing action, but they also keep your pet happy and occupied while receiving the benefits of vitamins and minerals in the chews.
  • Goodness Gracious cookies – Yes, your pet can enjoy a luscious cookie that will keep his tongue lapping anxiously every time you pick up the bag. Available in such tail-wagging flavors as roasted chicken cheddar, bacon cheeseburger, peanut butter banana, and others, these treats reward your best friend with an all-natural, gluten-free treat. These are so good you may even want to save them for special rewards.
  • Hula Lula jerky – Every dog loves jerky, and these treats will keep your dog smiling (at least they look like they smile, don’t they?) A wide variety of flavors will provide a change of menu, and they’ll love every one of them: chicken, lamb, beef, pork, turkey, and even wild salmon with its additional health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids. Jerky treats are made from human-grade ingredients, but save them for your dogs and puppies.

Treats come in various shapes and sizes for every size doggie, but most are also easily broken into pieces for training use or for smaller canine mouths.

Are Premium Treats Worth the Higher Cost?

Good health and nutrition are essential to the longevity of your pet. All-natural products are transforming food buying habits for consumers, both for their human family members, and for their beloved doggie “children”.

Low-calorie, single-ingredient treats may not be easy to find at every neighborhood grocery or even specialty pet stores, but providing healthy snacks and rewards to that special animal that brings you so much joy is well worth it.

Finding the Best Dog Treats

Locating the treats that are right for your pet can actually be quite simple. Just take a look at our online product information and choose the treats that are right for your breed and size of dog. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know. We’re all dog trainers and dog lovers, and are here to help you and your pet.

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