Happy Graduation to our Really Good Pups!

Happy group class graduation to all of our wonderful dogs!

These pups have worked very hard in their group classes to become Really Good Pets and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

Mini black and silver Schnauzer lays on cot looking at camera
Local Good Boy Ace shows off place

In our Basic Obedience class, our students got to work on learning and mastering new skills, like autofocus, sit, down, here, leave it, heel position, slack leash walking, wait, place, and drop it. These students had a great time progressing these skills around distractions of other dogs and people.

Our Basic Socialization class had a lot of fun testing their skills in a more social setting. These students had great skills already from previous training and got to master working on those skills around new dogs and people.

Two people and two dogs work on greeting politely
Local Good Boys Teddy and Teddy working on greeting skills
Black Newfoundland sits wearing a tuxedo bib with tongue hanging out
Local Good Boy Cody dresses to impress

In our Intermediate class, our students got to work on their basic commands with more distance, distraction, and duration. They learned new skills like a finish command, heelwork for crowds and competition, front, rear-end awareness, and listening to commands at a distance.

In our Advanced class, students got to work on honing their skills for the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Test. This test is a series of ten practical skills that dogs and their people must perform without training aids, like treats. Our students had fun working on walking by other dogs on a loose leash, calm greetings with people, recall, and 20 foot stay.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix wears a graduation cap and gown
Local Good Boy Teddy in his cap and gown

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