New: Scent Work Class at Really Good Pets

We are excited to announce our first ever scent training class is open for registration.

Ever wondered how the search and rescue dogs do their job?

Or are you interested in learning some of the basics for scent training in competition?  

If your dog has a nose, then Scent Work class is for them!

Scent training is all the rage right now and it’s great for all dogs. Dogs use their sense of smell similarly to how we use our vision. A dog’s nose can not only smell the meat in a stew, but can smell all the individual ingredients, down to the spices you use.

Teaching dogs to alert us to a particular scent is great enrichment for them and can teach them to hone their best superpower. It’s a wonder to watch dogs work on finding and locating scents and can be a great activity indoors or outdoors. 

In our Scent Work class, your dog will learn how to recognize odor and find odor when hidden. You and your dog will have a blast bonding and learning together. Did we mention that this is one of our favorite activities to tire dogs out? 

Our next Scent Work class will be offered on Saturdays starting September 9th, 2023 at 11:30am and is a five week long group class. We hope to see you there!

Click below to reserve your spot for Scent Work class today. Spots are limited!