Why Attend Group Class?

Above left to right: Mipha, Yona, and Tilly on Graduation Day

Wondering what all the hype is behind group classes? Here are the top three ways group class can help you train for the real world.

People Distractions

Everyone thinks your dog is cute and this is unhelpful when you’re training. People lock eyes with your dog and your dog’s focus on you is gone.

Group class is a great way to expose your dog to people in a controlled way so they can learn to pay attention to you. Your instructor is there to help make that happen.

Above left to right: Petunia and Duke
Above: Group class dogs work on their settle

Dog Distractions

Finding safe ways to work around other dogs is tough! In group class, your dog will get to practice listening to you around other dogs.

This is sometimes the hardest part of group class, and the most rewarding! Your dog will learn when it isn’t play time.


Socialization isn’t just about dogs saying hello to each other.

Some dogs need space to acclimate to different types of dogs and people. If your dog is more of the reserved type, being around dogs and people in a controlled way can be beneficial.

Dogs don’t have to say hello to everyone to work on socializing and understanding the world around them.

Above: Raven (available for adoption) gets her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

Did you know?

We offer training for dogs of all levels. Training your dog is all about what you want to do with them. Want to take your dog to a brewery or out on the town? Our group classes work you and your dog up to AKC Canine Good Citizen levels of obedience.

Beyond CGC:

We offer an Advanced Field Trip class for our CGC graduates! Message us to get started on your path to public manners.